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Restoring America's Soul

Restoring America's Soul

WND Books 2019

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Product Description

Restoring America's Soul lays out a clear, concise and inspired vision of what made America such an exceptional nation and how we can get there again.

Today's culture derides and dismisses the traditional, time-proven values that made America great so-called conservative values. Liberal professors, the "mainstream" news media, and the Hollywood propaganda machine are brainwashing the nation's youth, convincing them that "conservatism "the values once held by most of America amounts to hateful extremism. Nothing could be further from the truth.

The true heart of conservatism is its desire to conserve the timeless principles worthy of being kept and to pursue virtue through disciplined self-governance.

Too many modern conservatives have lost sight of the transcendent goals that made America great and stand out from the rest of the world. Restoring America's Soul reignites the vision and mission of authentic conservatism and equips busy people to make a fresh and persuasive case for conservative public policy positions on specific key issues.

Restoring America's Soul examines conservative's current identity crisis and how it has undermined their effectiveness in attracting citizens and motivating them to become both informed and politically active. Contrasting the popular perceptions of the two major parties, Dunaway urges conservatives to focus more energy on telling others what they support than what they oppose. She reminds conservatives of their noble roots, affirming their ideological alignment with the Founding Fathers' biblical plan for a limited federal government. Rather than solely opposing liberal-left policies, Restoring America's Soul offers genuine solutions to today's multiple crises. Refreshingly, Dunaway suggests an enlightened course forward for the thoughtful conservative.

More Product Information

  • Publisher: WND Books
  • ISBN: 1944229965
  • ISBN-13: 9781944229962
  • SKU: 9781944229962
  • Release Date: March 12, 2019

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